Bupa Cromwell Hospital opened its doors to Business Traveller and its readers

In November, we held a readers’ evening at Bupa Cromwell Hospital for guests to hear from leading consultant physicians on men’s health issues. The event was hosted by Business Traveller editorial director Tom Otley, who was joined by staff writer Hannah Brandler and events officer Holly Khorsand.

Readers were welcomed into the hospital’s luxury Royal Suite, designed for patients to recuperate following consultations and procedures, with three spacious rooms large enough to cater to families and friends as well.

Guests mingled over drinks and a colourful buffet of healthy salads, quiches and tempura, while exchanging stories of their recent travels and experiences of healthcare. Readers were then seated for a series of informative talks, introduced by guest speaker Lord Evans of Watford who spoke about his experiences of beating cancer, ending with an amusing poem of thanks to the staff who helped him through the difficult time.

Speakers included Mr Christopher Ogden, consultant uro-oncologist and pioneer of robotic surgery in the UK, and Dr Nick Plowman, consultant in radiotherapy and medical oncology. Ogden began by advising our readers to prioritise mental health up until the age of 50 and thereafter seek health screenings for cardiovascular disease and cancers of the prostate and colon. Dr Plowman then shared fascinating news about recent innovations in cancer diagnosis and the wealth of treatment options available for prostate cancer. Business Traveller’s Tom Otley concluded this part of the event with a fittingly travel-themed anecdote about racing from the airport to his recent Bupa health check, which we covered in the September issue of the magazine.

Guests were then free to indulge in more food, drink and chat with like-minded travellers.

To learn more about Bupa Cromwell Hospital’s Health Assessments click here: www.bupacromwellhospital.com/services-specialties/health-assessments